Candle Knight is a 2.5D action adventure game in which players take control of an enchanted candle holder in an abandoned castle where an enigmatic threat has taken over. Explore the castle’s halls and solve the forgotten mysteries behind its downfall; battle terrifying creatures and bring back the light with the power of your flame.


The castle lies dead and dormant. It’s forgotten and abandoned walls once held so much life and happiness. What could have caused such downfall? Inside, a small candle holder comes to life. Explore the remains of a castle, discover the fates of its inhabitants and solve the mystery surrounding your life.


  • An organic in-game difficulty system, certain actions will add or reduce Heat from your flame. The stronger your flame, the harder the challenge!
  • 2.5D platformer: classic 2D gameplay mixed with beautifully crafted 3D models.
  • Breathtaking hand-made paintings and moody environments within the ruined gothic castle.
  • Solve 3D puzzles using 2D Paintings.
  • Explore the castle to discover its secrets and unlock new upgrades and abilities.
  • Use the power of your magic flame to overcome the challenges ahead.
  • Every death counts, make your way back to your corpse to recover your equipment


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